• Cutting has an abrasive high-pressure water jet cutting machine. It’s really versatile and effective cold cutting process, which can provide significant advantages over other technologies.

    Water jet cutting can be used where other cutting methods are powerless. This method has proven to be a unique turning the thin parts of the stone, glass or metal, as well as fast drilling holes in titanium or reserved for the preservation of food containers, as well as the cutting of thick metal parts (up to 200 mm), which is not possible with laser or plasma cutting technology. With a high pressure water jet can cut virtually any material – not just any metal, but also fragile and flammable materials – glass, ceramics, various foam materials and composites, as well as many more.

  • Cutting with high pressure abrasive water jet has the following advantages compared to other cutting technologies:

    1. The highly versatile technology that can cut virtually any material;

    2. The machine does not require preparation time and settings for cutting a variety of materials. To move from one material to another material cutting, it is necessary only to load the necessary drawings and put the workpiece on the machine table;

    3. The cut parts of the cut line is so smooth that additional post-processing is needed only in very specific situations;

    4. This technology do not heat up materials during cutting process, so there is not any kind of heat exposure, which can cause deformation of particular material changing strength or other properties, as well as change its visual appearance – the material is not frayed, discolored, etc;

    5. The small jet width (cutting path around 1 mm) means small loss of material during cutting;

    6. This technology can easily cut materials with varying characteristics – different material thickness, hardness, etc;

    7. Cutting with water is very safe – the cutting process all the material by spray removes his way is drained, the air does not come into fine dust that would be harmful to inhale, the material is not heated, so there are no noxious fumes, as well as any leak high pressure water pipe causes almost immediate reduction in water pressure to bystanders a safe level;

    8. This technology does not have any impact on the environment. The cutting process uses clean water adding an abrasive, which is hard, especially up to a certain grain size screened sand. The most commonly used ingredient is garnet.